Contractor of Choice – Mladen Buntich Construction Co. was contracted by Los Angles County Sanitation District for a 72” diameter by 1,120LF rehabilitation under the Los Angeles River. 

This project was to rehabilitate by sliplining using 66” CCFRPM piping inside of an existing 72” RCP Pipe 1,120 LF.  Construction was completed from one access shaft pushing up to 687LF.  One new manhole was constructed and rehabilitation of two manholes using Arrowlock T-Lock Lining rehabilitated this section to like new condition. The excavation pit for this project was approximately 35’ long by 15’ wide by 25’ deep and included cutting into the side of the Los Angeles River. This project included concrete structures, dewatering, traffic control, asphalt paving, confined space entry, engineered beam and plate shoring, sliplining, demolition, backfill, and asphalt repairs.  Approximately 240 CY of material was cleaned out of the existing line. During the proofing of the lining it was discovered that the existing pipe would not accept the pre-purchased liner pipe. Buntich and LACSD teamed together to develop a proprietary way to hone out the existing line to allow the delivered pipe to fit.  

Project Features Include:

  • Access shaft excavation and shoring
  • Dewatering
  • Cleaning and proofing of the existing 72-inch
  • 66inch CCFRPM sliplining
  • Closure coupling installation
  • Annular space grouting
  • Trench backfill
  • Implemented a successful spill prevention and mitigation plan