We have the proven experience, capabilities, and understanding to manage both system design and system execution of all types of dewatering systems.

Buntich has the experience with system design, installation, and abandonment for all types of dewatering systems. We have performed a wide variety of shored excavations under the ground water table and within close proximity to the ocean. Our team worked with engineers to design the most efficient and safe tremie slab systems to complement a water tight, safe, and secure excavation so crews can build work, inspectors can have safe access to review the work, and clients and consultants can tour it.

With a reputation of performing some of the most challenging projects, we have expertise in dewatering that has opened doors to new and challenging opportunities.

We most commonly provide the following dewatering services including system design, equipment supply, system installation and removal:

  • drilled wells
  • jetted wells
  • sump systems
  • wellpoint

To install many of the dewatering systems, we have state of the art equipment fleet of track and tire mounted drills that can quickly mobilize to the project site to install the dewatering system in an efficient cost effective matter. Our portfolio of pumps, piping, and electrical support equipment is ready to go.

Projects that entail dewatering can run the gamut, but if you are looking for a company that has had proven success in the field, Buntich can get you results under the tightest project requirements.