As Buntich approaches 5 decades of public works construction, we have developed many partners in the industry to offer our clients the full pipeline installation and pipeline rehabilitation package. There are many methods to pipeline installation and rehabilitation, but all require the assistance of one another’s expertise to provide the most cost effective package. Buntich’s vast experience offers the ability to safely construct access shafts and pits that are needed for many different scopes of rehabilitation and new construction.

Tunneling/Micro Tunneling– Back in the 20th century Buntich pioneered micro-tunneling on the west coast with Nada Pacific out of Caruthers. Together Nada Pacific and Buntich have worked on over a dozen projects together. If there is a need to tunnel in an area that is riddled with ground water (such as under the Port of Los Angeles) Nada Pacific and Buntich will get the job done.

Jack and Bore/Pipe Jacking– Pacific Boring out of Caruthers and Buntich have worked on over a dozen projects together. Pacific Boring self performs the installation of Pipe Jacking, Pilot Tube Auger Boring, Auger Boring, and Hand Mining. If a new transmission line is needed and favorable soil conditions exist Buntich and Pacific Boring will get it done while not disturbing the land above.

CIPP– Buntich supports the economical advantage of trenchless rehabilitation with the use Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP). To date Buntich has completed nearly 3 dozen small diameter resin saturated fiberglass steam heat cured CIPP and UV cured linings. Most of these projects require bypassing, access, point repairs, cleaning, and traffic control. Buntich brings the complete trenchless package for repair.

Pipe Bursting– Difficult access locations make replacement of an existing sewer line very costly and quite often what some may consider impossible. When the existing line is not able to be rehabilitated with a liner, pipe bursting can be the best option. Buntich has provided multiple emergency repair projects for the City of Los Angeles in difficult access locations where the existing pipe has been crushed. Residents and businesses count on Buntich to get their sewer lines clear and back to operational.

Pipe Cleaning– Typical sewer lines are often invaded with roots from adjacent trees. However, when a large diameter sewer is so large that the tile and brick fall down, the debris can not be remediated with a typical plumbers drain auger. In steps, Buntich with a series of custom winches, pulleys, blasters, and cleaning sleds to remove the debris. When the debris inside the sewer line can fill a dump truck, Buntich is there to remediate the issue and get the stoppage, flowing.