Since 1975 Mladen Buntich Construction Co. has provided pipeline and utility services throughout California. From new installations to rehabilitation services, we have a track record of delivering quality projects on time and on budget.


    Mladen Buntich Construction Co. has experience with system design, installation, and removal of all types of shoring in the industry. Through this experience we have trained our people, engineers, clients, and have built a unique portfolio of equipment to perform this work as efficiently as possible.


    We have the proven experience, capabilities, and understanding to manage both system design and system execution of all types of dewatering systems. Mladen Buntich Construction Co. has the experience with system design, installation, and abandonment for all types of dewatering systems.


    As Mladen Buntich Construction Co. approaches 5 decades of public works construction, we have developed many partners in the industry to offer our clients the full pipeline installation and pipeline rehabilitation package.


    Buntich has built all types of mechanical control systems. From pump stations, siphon systems, bypass structures, flow diversions, spillways, vaults and manholes, water treatment systems, flood channels, emergency water supply reverse osmosis system, and salt water intrusion barriers.


    Mladen Buntich Construction Co. specializes in constructing technical civil projects ranging from deep shoring, structural concrete, conveyance, rehabilitating, and reservoirs.


Whether competitively bidding work or performing work on an emergency basis we continue to grow and nurture our professional relationships by providing owners with expedited pipeline construction solutions using some of the most knowledgeable and talented engineers, experienced crews, and specialized equipment in the industry.

Our latest completed project with some critical spacial restrictions. Watch the video and see just how it was accomplished.


Silver Lake Storage Replacement Project

Etiwanda Emergency Waterline Rehabilitation Project

Joint Outfall “D” Unit 1a Pipeline Rehabilitation



Value: $15,600,000

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) intends to build a new Reservoir Storage Facility at the Headworks spreading grounds, a 43-acre site adjacent to the Los Angeles River and between the City of Burbank and Griffith Park.

In January 2006, the United States Environmental Protection Agency promulgated the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule and the Stage 2 Disinfections and Disinfection Byproducts Rule. These stringent water quality regulations resulted in the LADWP’s decision to remove all open reservoirs from service because they are open to the environment and subject to contamination. To comply with the aforementioned regulations, these reservoirs must either be covered, have their water treated prior to use, or be bypassed. Compliance with the regulations requires removal of the Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs from potable water supply service and construction of two underground reservoirs and a large-diameter pipeline located at Headworks property, replacing the operational function of Silver Lake and Ivanhoe. The replacement storage will be below grade and consists of two water storage facilities, the Headworks East Reservoir and the Headworks West Reservoir. In order to take advantage of the renewable energy source developed by the flowing water, a four-megawatt hydroelectric plant will be built on site to generate power. After the completion of these projects the ecosystem will be developed to establish environmental habitats and recreation facilities for community use.

The project will ultimately consist of 4 phases. Phase I consists of the Headworks East Reservoir, Valve Vaults, Associated Site Piping, and Grading, River Supply Conduit 1A East and Tunnel Section; Phase II consists of construction of the Headworks West Reservoir; Phase III consists of the River Supply Conduit 1A West; Hydroelectric Power Plant, and Regulating Station; and Phase IV consists of the Eco-System Restoration of the entire project site.

Mladen Buntich Construction Co., Inc. was awarded 2 contracts in the beginning of 2013 for providing services for the procurement, installation, and backfill of 18-inch to 96-inch welded steel pipe for the inlet, outlet, drain, and overflow piping and storm drain.  In addition to the new utility installation, MBC will install the deep access shafts for the tunneling work with a beam and plate shoring system.

Critical Waterline Rehabilitation Project

Buntich was awarded a critical waterline rehabilitation project that will rehabilitate a 12-foot high pressure waterline that services millions of Southern California residents.

This project is the first of its kind is a critical demonstration project for the client to determine how they will proceed with the rehabilitation of other parts of the asset in the near future. Buntich crews were well positioned due to the unique fleet of equipment it has developed in the trenchless industry for over 2 decades that is second to none.

Other additional features included:

96-inch CCFRPM slipliner project

As the leader in the trenchless industry for live flow sewer rehabilitation projects Buntich crews are up to the challenge to complete another successful large diameter sewer pipeline rehabilitation project.

This project consists of the structural rehabilitation 1,976 LF of structurally deteriorated reinforced concrete sewer pipe that was originally constructed in the early 1900’s.

The project team is currently procuring the new CCFRPM liner as it begins excavation of the insertion pits. The team plans to use beam & plate shoring system prior to cleaning and proofing the pipe. Once the CCFRPM liner arrives and the existing sewer pipeline is prepared for the new liner insertion, the Buntich Crews will utilize the Akkerman Hydraulic Slipline Machine SL/50 to successful insert the liner into place.

Other additional features included: