Contractor of Choice – Mladen Buntich Construction Co. was contracted by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). 

Advanced Sheet Pile Installation of the longest single sheets in the world by the Giken Silent Piler.
This potable water project was to upgrade the existing Metropolitan Water District connection from a 42-inch to a 60-inch diameter pipeline. This project improves the reliability of the LADWP distribution system. This project also provided operational flexibility and assistance with future water quality improvement projects.

The MWD LA-29 included removal of 234 feet of existing 42-inch diameter welded steel pipe and replaced it with 60-inch diameter welded steel pipe. The MWD LA-29 also included installation of 2,300 feet of 36-inch diameter welded-steel pipe.

The project team worked closely with their client to help coordinate the public as this infrastructure was located in a dense urban environment with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This project finished early and under budget without an incident.

Project Features Include:

  • Inter pipeline connections on 42, 60, and 37-inch pipelines
  • Design, installation, and removal of 2 non-vibratory sheet pile shoring system 70-foot deep
  • Shaft excavation utilizing jet grouting, underwater divers, and installation of a tremie slab
  • Dewatering system design, installation, and removal
  • 234 feet of 96-inch diameter micro tunnel
  • 2,300 feet of waterline installation utilizing conventional shoring methods
  • Jet grouting and utilization of divers