Contractor of Choice – Mladen Buntich Construction Co. was contracted by the City of Los Angeles. This project consisted of  structural rehabilitation of 1.2 miles of structurally deteriorated 75-inch diameter reinforced concrete sewer pipe that was originally constructed in 1924.

The existing sewer mainly consisted of 6,310 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe with a concrete thickness of 6.25 inches and a 1 inch thick vitrified clay tile lining, and approximately 18 liner feet of 3-ring layer brick sewer. The Buntich Project Team structurally rehabilitated this project with a new liner via the sliplining method using a 66-inch inside diameter fiberglass liner with a vinyl ester interior liner.

Additional Features Include:

  • Sliplining 5,005 linear feet of 75-inch with a new 66-inch inside diameter liner
  • Sliplining 1,050 linear feet of 75-inch with a new 66-inch inside diameter liner through a curve
  • Reconstruction of a bend via the cut and cover method totaling approximately 194 linear feet
  • Existing pipe reconstruction and encasement of approximately 46 linear feet
  • Host pipe cleaning and proofing
  • Odor control utilizing both liquid and vapor phase mitigation methods
  • Disposal of approximately 2,000 tons of hazardous debris
  • Annular space grouting
  • Installation of 5 new operation and maintenance access points
  • Installation and removal of 7 access shafts using beam and plate and sheet piles.
  • T-Lock manhole rehabilitation