Contractor of Choice – Mladen Buntich Construction Co. was contracted by the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering to rehabilitate a failing 30” Sewer Line that was up to 100’ deep. 

This project was to rehabilitate 1,545 LF of existing 30” circular sewer with 24” centrifugally Casted Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Mortar (CCFRPM) pipe. The annulus space was grouted with 70 CY of 250 PSI grout. Approximately 5 CY of contaminated debris was removed. A 28’ deep by 16’ diameter liner plate pit was installed to facilitate the lining machine.   Two 6” Lateral connections were reconnected after the lining. This project also required a custom large diameter tapered structural lining CIPP section upstream of the project. Bypassing of the existing sewer line was implemented by use of diversion dams, flow through plugs, and structures. After completion the existing finishes were restored with unique brick pavers, concrete stairs, retaining walls, flatwork and returned to the public.

Project Features Include:

  • Access shaft excavation and shoring
  • Low clearance shaft construction
  • Cleaning and proofing of the existing 30-inch
  • 24-inch CCFRPM sliplining
  • Closure coupling installation
  • Annular space grouting
  • Trench backfill
  • Implemented a successful spill prevention and mitigation plan