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Tunneling construction is often tedious, dangerous, and yet essential for some projects.

One of the major difficulties with tunneling is being able to discern what methods to use based on ground, water, and depth conditions. Mladen Buntich’s ability to adapt to the specific conditions and then adjust to the most efficient techniques has allowed us to succeed in the most unpredictable construction and tunneling environments.

Tunneling can mean limited access and many potential hazards as well. This is why Mladen Buntich places safety and security first, not only for the construction crew, but also the overall wellbeing of the project itself. Precautionary measures are taken through intensive planning from our team of experts as well as consistent monitoring of management and logistics throughout the entire project.

Our dependable tunneling services have been evolving and surpassing the industry standards for years. With our proven project management we make it much easier for projects to get done in time and according to the budget constraints set at the beginning. We understand that no construction company is anywhere without its tools. This is why Mladen Buntich maintains an impressive inventory of state-of-the-art tunneling equipment, qualified professionals, and up-to-date monitoring systems.
For your unique tunneling needs turning to a company that can bring results on time and according to the industry standards is crucial. Mladen Buntich takes every project in an individualize approach that goes above and beyond the industry standards in order to bring you the results you are expecting.

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