Pipeline Rehabilitation

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While many buildings are demolished when their structural integrity is compromised, this may not be an option for existing utility infrastructure.

Whether it is water, sewer, or dry utilities,Mladen Buntich has a wide range of pipeline rehabilitation services.

It takes excessive planning, intense analysis, and an understanding of project requirement in order to bring utility infrastructure back to its original integrity. We understand that this is not a quick fix and that clients are looking for a complete rehabilitation that will revamp the overall structual, hydraulics, and provide infrastructure that has a long life cycle cost that they can operate and maintain as planned.

With our experience, we understand the steps to take during the assesment and the detailed analysis and planning in order to really understand what is structurally damaged and what is causing that damage in the end. Mladen Buntich has the experienced staff that it takes to evaluate the deterioration and provide remedial action.

Our proven track record has set us apart as a company with the highest standards in pipeline rehabilitation services. We own and operate an extensive equipment fleet of rehabilitation equipment and have trained some of the best in the business. From the begining to the end With our we are able to access our results every step of the way. This also g0es hand in hand with our goal of both financial and management accountability throughout the project.

Efficient management and accountability have defined every  project that we have taken on in this field. With our strong staff of in-house engineers and pipeline rehabilitation specialist we know what it takes to apply problem solving techniques that can bring your building back to life with its original character.

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