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Full Service Contractor

As a full service general engineering contractor we take pride in engineering and developing a better mouse trap to service our clients. We have developed methods, equipment, and people that have separated Mladen Buntich Construction Co. from the rest of our competition to provide all types of specialty services to our clients and other contractors throughout the country.


Owner Operated Equipment Services:

  • LoDrill
  • Spiradrill
  • ABI
  • Excavator – All types
  • Giken Silent Piler

Specialty services include:

  • Frozen earth shaft construction
  • Odor assessment and mitigation services
  • Odor mitigation equipment rental
  • Soil mixing equipment rental
  • Tunneling equipment rental – all types
  • Pipeline rehabilitation equipment rental – all types

Steel rentals:

  • 1-inch plate – (contact for available size and inventory)
  • Soldier beams – (contact for available size and inventory)

On-call consulting services:

  • Industry reviews
  • 3rd party utility coordination services

Past clients who we have provided specialty services for:

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