Shafts and Shoring

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Pride in Performance.

Buntich has provided all types of shafts and shoring services as a subcontractor, prime contractor, or by renting specialty equipment and supplies to our clients.

By providing the diverse shaft and shoring services to support new and rehabilitation infrastructure services we have grown a unique and custom equipment fleet that is second to none. We recognize we can’t do this but not hiring, devloping, and retaining the best and the brightest and when Buntich is on site performing shaft and shoring services you know you have experienced and the best and brightest people.

Shaft types include:

  • Beam & plate
  • Beam & wood lagging
  • Liner plate
  • Drilled (CMP/Steel Cassion)
  • Sheet pile (Vibration or GIKEN Silent Piler)
  • Frozen earth

Shoring services include:

  • Steel & equipment rental
  • Drilling – all types (for soldier beams, piles)
  • Beam & plate
  • Z-shore
  • Speed shores
  • Shields

To learn how we can support you for your shaft and shoring service:

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