Pipeline and Utilities

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The importance of pipeline installation cannot be over emphasized.

Pipelines act as transporting agents for water, sewer, storm water, fuel & oil, and other critical resources all across the world. If these pipelines are not installed properly there are bound to be issues. This is why working with an experienced and well qualified construction company is imperative to minimize any disruption to its service.

Mladen Buntich has the capability to install pipelines in a wide variety of environments. From deep excavations in urban areas to shallow 4-feet trench excavations in wide open fields, we have the capabilities to complete projects according to contract requirements. With our experience and understanding of the industry overall we have developed ways of dealing with some of the most challenging pipeline requirements.

Known for completing some of the most challenging Pipeline and Utility projects in the industry, we have developed best management practices and progress monitoring systems that ensure for a high quality end product. This has allowed us to take projects on one step at a time.

Our experienced teams take safety serious and we give them the tools and equipment they need to make sure that the job is done with safety at the top of the agenda. With all of the complexities and issues that can arise with pipelines and utilities, there needs to be expert advice behind every action. This is why Mladen Buntich works with some of the top engineers and pipeline experts in the industry.

With the right planning, preparation, and project management, you can be assured that quality is met with all of the industry specifications.

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