Joint Outfalll “D” Unit 1A Trunk Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation

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96-inch CCFRPM slipliner project

As the leader in the trenchless industry for live flow sewer rehabilitation projects Buntich crews are up to the challenge to complete another successful large diameter sewer pipeline rehabilitation project.

This project consists of the structural rehabilitation 1,976 LF of structurally deteriorated reinforced concrete sewer pipe that was originally constructed in the early 1900’s.

The project team is currently procuring the new CCFRPM liner as it begins excavation of the insertion pits. The team plans to use beam & plate shoring system prior to cleaning and proofing the pipe. Once the CCFRPM liner arrives and the existing sewer pipeline is prepared for the new liner insertion, the Buntich Crews will utilize the Akkerman Hydraulic Slipline Machine SL/50 to successful insert the liner into place.

Other additional features included:

  • Access shaft installation with use of soldier beams and steel plates
  • Removal of debris
  • Placement of approximately 1,976 CCFRPM liner
  • Re-routing of plant utilities
  • Manhole rehabilitation
  • Annular space grout
  • Closure couplings with a pipeline encasement at the insertion pit.
  • Site restoration and rehabilitation including AC pavement and hardscaping