Etiwanda Emergency Waterline Rehabilitation Project

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Critical Waterline Rehabilitation Project

Buntich was awarded a critical waterline rehabilitation project that will rehabilitate a 12-foot high pressure waterline that services millions of Southern California residents.

This project is the first of its kind is a critical demonstration project for the client to determine how they will proceed with the rehabilitation of other parts of the asset in the near future. Buntich crews were well positioned due to the unique fleet of equipment it has developed in the trenchless industry for over 2 decades that is second to none.

Other additional features included:

  • Access shaft installation with use of trench shields, drilled soldier beams and steel plates
  • Removal of existing failed cement mortar coatings
  • Placement of new epoxy coating
  • Waterline chlorination & bacteria testing
  • Man-way installation
  • Site restoration and rehabilitation including AC pavement and hardscaping